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Committed to the Forest of the Future

You have always been committed to volunteering? Or have you just started to do some good? The aid you provide is not taken for granted. Whether for others, for the environment or for yourself in the long run – we turn it into trees in the Forest of the Future. Let’s play our part together and assume long-term responsibility!

Social Engagement

Now it is the time for more than good intentions

This is how we achieve common goals, which will be the foundation for a viable and healthy Forest of the Future. And maybe the incentive of scoring points for a new, climate-proof kind of forest is big enough to do even more good. Get inspired and join the fun!

Collect Forest

Together we are so much more
than the sum of our points

Everyone can score points and do good together

Everyone doing good deeds will score threefold in the end: With activities which by themselves can make a difference, by overcoming one’s weaker self and, last but not least, by realizing the unique DATAGROUP FOREST in the Black Forest. Anyone interested in helping to create a healthy, future-proof and diverse forest is welcome. Whether DATAGROUPies, customers, friends, or fans – Your scores can make a difference. That’s how we are: We think differently. We work differently. We find better solutions.

The scoring system

40th Anniversary – 40,000 points – 4,000 trees

daily commitment
particularly good deeds
outdo oneself
doing good together


We are proud of the multifaceted commitment of our employees

Dietmar Kynast

For as much as 15 years, Dietmar has been working as a firefighter at the voluntary fire brigade in Osterholz-Scharmbeck. His responsibilities at the voluntary fire brigade are not only limited to extinguishing fires – the missions are rather versatile, for instance, he deals with emergency door openings, stretchers, traffic accidents, road pollutions, height and depth rescue, messages from fire detection systems or private smoke detectors, and he is right there on the spot in natural disasters such as storm damages and floods. Additionally, Dietmar received advanced training in psychosocial emergency care for relief units as well as training in fire safety education. He enjoys working with children and thus ensures that the next generation has already been trained. It is something special for Dietmar to help people in need. And we think that this is really something special!

In a nutshell:

  • Dietmar has been working at the voluntary fire brigade Osterholz-Scharmbeck for over 15 years.
  • He does not only extinguish fires but also deals with emergency door openings, traffic accidents, floods, height and depth rescues and much more.
  • Helping people in need is of particular concern to Dietmar
  • He also enjoys the fire safety education of children

Works for DATAGROUP in Bremen

Cihan Ünal

As a volunteer worker at Technische Hilfswerk (THW, technical assistance organization) Nuremberg in civil protection and disaster prevention, Cihan takes responsibility in the Command & Communication unit. In addition to being head of the command group, he supports the command centers during their mission in creating telecommunications and data transmission systems with radio, fixed line, mobile and their own field telephone network as necessary. In the event of major disasters, he is responsible for mapping the situation and coordinating the squads in his role as head of area. Most recently, he helped THW during the severe flooding in the Ahrtal in Germany. If there is a mission, he is released from his tasks at DATAGROUP. Apart from that, his commitment harmonizes very well with his work. The German Red Cross was too medical for him, the fire brigade too hot and the German DLRG (water rescue) too wet – he prefers to help technically to assume social responsibility.

In a nutshell:

  • He has been a volunteer at THW Nuremberg for over 15 years.
  • He is head of the command group.
  • Supports the operations management, e.g. during storms and during the flooding disaster in Ahrtal.
  • Also takes on less “catastrophic” tasks for the THW at local events (DTM Norisring and carnival procession).

Works for DATAGROUP in Nuremberg.

Nicole Hageleit

She is a volunteer exercise coach in several sports clubs and is pleased when everybody goes home pumped and exhausted but happy after their TABATA workout. Additionally, she is a coach for women suffering from cancer. She is passionate about showing them that they can master quite a few exercises despite chemo and sickness. If the women realize they can weaken their weaknesses and strengthen their strengths, it is the greatest reward for Nicole.

Seeing happiness and satisfaction in the participants’ eyes, whether in reha sports, TABATA or in the “Gemeinsam stark gegen Krebs” (together against cancer) self-help group is something that money can’t buy!

Participants often forget their “sickness” for a moment, which makes Nicole especially happy.

In a nutshell:

  • Active at the clubs SV Wistedt, TSV Heidenau, TuS Jahn Hollenstedt, Rehasportverein Buchholz e.V. and Vitalhaus Buchholz since 2019.
  • Head of department and exercise coach for fitness & health at SV Wistedt v.1924 e.V.
  • Has dedicated herself to the “Gemeinsam stark gegen Krebs” self-help group since its foundation in 2021.

Works for DATAGROUP Hamburg.

Sascha Patka

“After all, nobody would call the fire brigade, if they could cope with a difficult situation on their own.” Sascha knows exactly why he is doing this. Over 90 per cent of the fire brigade activities are done by volunteers in Germany and he makes his contribution to a viable society. From the very beginning in the youth fire brigade to today’s position as a commander, he takes on responsibility, helps in emergencies and knows this incredible feeling when life can be saved and preserved. A mixture of pragmatism, procedures, and improvisation - this is his calling and passion. He appreciates that DATAGROUP is fully aware and sympathetic to a certain need of sleep after many hours of service at night. Fortunately, he has flexible working hours and can also leave his workplace during the day in case of an emergency call."

In a nutshell:

  • Has been a volunteer fire fighter for c. 20 years.
  • Started in the youth fire brigade in 2003, is in the operation division since 2006 and meanwhile has become commander (head) of the voluntary fire brigade.
  • Member of the executive staff and training instructor for the district office in the district of Esslingen, head of civil protection in the community.

Works for DATAGROUP in Pliezhausen and Leinfelden.

Michael Kesser

Michael is always dressed up as Saint Nicholas on 6 December. In the mornings he pays visits to kindergartens and schools and in the late afternoon he visits families at home. Since he receives a great many requests by now, he has extended his activities to the days before and after. Michael can also be spotted at Christmas parties, club parties, and even at the annual “Christmas Tree Felling” event of DATAGROUP in Stuttgart. During 23 and 25 December, he mainly visits families at home as Santa Claus. All of his proceeds as Saint Nicholas / Santa Claus were donated to the Children with Heart Disease Charity until 2021 and since 2022, donations have gone to the Children with Cancer Charity Tübingen. First and foremost, it is all about the fun as Michael really enjoys to be around kids. Santa had visited him at home when he was a kid, and later he thought that he would want to do it himself sometime.

In a nutshell:

  • Donates all proceeds to charities for sick children.
  • Makes children’s hearts skip a beat!
  • Acts as Santa Claus from the bottom of his heart.

Works for DATAGROUP in Stuttgart.

Ralf Reisigel

As a referee, Ralf knows the game in all its aspects. Impartial and smart, and still right in the middle in terms of sports – this is not only a must, but that is also what he wants. And he teaches others in the district of Darmstadt. He became a referee because of an injury. Now he draws on his experience as a player to maintain fair play in every game. Additionally, he organizes the birthday cards and gifts among his referee colleagues.

He is also actively involved in the music society of his wife, always assists her, makes barbecue at the society’s events, and acts as the society’s treasurer. All of this fits well with his job at DATAGROUP.

In a nutshell:

  • Active as referee since 2018.
  • Has been youth coach and youth team leader.
  • Passive member in a music society and present at all events since 1998.

Works for DATAGROUP in Cologne.

Matthias Grähn

The water is his stomping ground, where he takes care of all important matters. In water rescue, Matthias provides first aid for injuries – from insect bites to bruises. In addition to initial treatment, he oversees the diving platform and other facilities to protect the safety of the people. In case of an emergency, he rescues bathers and swimmers who overrated themselves. On top, Matthias also offers swimming training! He even administers swimming exams and thus provides proactive prevention for safe fun in and around water. Since the water does not clean itself on its own, he conscientiously looks after the systems in the water and at the beach. When Matthias is there, one thing is for sure: It will be fun to swim in the sun. And to make sure it stays this way, he is committed to maintaining local structures, improves children’s swimming skills and helps to promote and recruit paramedics.

In a nutshell:

  • First aid for injuries, insect bites, etc.
  • Keeping facilities in the water & on the beach clean
  • In charge of diving platform and other bathing facilities
  • Rescue of bathers / swimmers in need
  • Swimming training & administering of exams

Works for DATAGROUP in Rostock.

Valeska Böger

Based on her experiences during her voluntary social year (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr, FSJ) at the rescue services of the German Red Cross, Valeska has come to appreciate the GRC as a great community with many committed people sharing the same spirit. Valeska has continued to do volunteer work at the local branch of the GRC for the last 12 years. For instance, she and her colleagues receive hands-on training in disaster preparedness and learn all the basic skills necessary for on-site support in disaster prevention. The big focus on education and training is important to her, but being able to help people is equally important. To do so, she sometimes even drives the 10-ton truck for disaster management to the location where it is needed. The German Red Cross also has a mobile hospital which can be set up in the event of a disaster and which Valeska can help to assemble and operate. But she is not only available in an emergency, the GRC also provides help during city runs and other events. Thanks to her flexible working hours, it is easy for Valeska to plan her exercises, test missions and training courses. She has gained many skills in medical care and social interaction together with a lot of like-mined dedicated and interesting people.

In a nutshell:

  • Voluntary social year at the German Red Cross rescue service in 2011.
  • Followed by volunteer work at the local GRC.
  • She can drive a 10-ton truck and save lives.

Works for DATAGROUP in Mainz.

Ralf Thomaneck

Ralf is a beekeeper. In his spare time, he takes care of six bee colonies in his garden. The passion for ecological apiculture ensures the survival of honeybees. And it certainly helps the environment a lot, since honeybees are among the most important pollinators by far. Affinity with nature as well as interest in bees and their honey have been the origin of the Thomaneck’s small family apiary. As well as honey, the bees produce raw propolis, pollen and beeswax.

In a nutshell:

  • Active beekeeper and a member of the association since 2018.
  • He maintains and takes care of bee colonies reaching a colony strength of 50,000 bees in the summer, which ensures nature conversation and biodiversity of the surroundings.
  • The fruits of his labor? Yummy honey!
  • Link to Facebook: Pölchower Gartenbiene

Works for DATAGROUP in Rostock.