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3.838 Trees
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We came up with something special for the 40th anniversary of DATAGROUP. With the help of our community, we will create the Forest of the Future. Tell us about your social commitment and we will reward it with points for the DATAGROUP FOREST. This contributes to creating a climate-proof and diverse forest, viable and innovative. Will we crack 40,000? Join us!

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something good,
you too.

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Live from the logbook

Schulung, Charlotte, DATAGROUP Inshore Services GmbH
Neues lernen, Claudia, DATAGROUP Inshore Services GmbH
Networking beim IHK-Netzwerktreffen, Philip, DG IT Solutions
108 km MTB-Tour mit Stopp am Prinzipalmarkt Münster, Thomas, DATAGROUP Consulting Services
Meisterschmiede 3.0 - herzlichen Glückwunsch!, Rosanna, DATAGROUP SE
Mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit, Bartłomiej, DATAGROUP Polska Sp.z o.o.
Sonntagslauf am Hafen, Claudia, DATAGROUP Inshore Services GmbH
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